Whealchair adapted holiday home in Burgundy


La Bonne Vie rents 3 bungalows for whealchair users

The vacation homes are adapted according to the prescribed rules. It concerns the 3 lowest positioned houses B1, B2, B3.The adjustments are described, shown on a series of slides and on video, so that you are sure that you’ll find what you need.The classification and adjustments are the same in all 3 bungalows. On the outdoor grounds are landscaped paths that respect the guidelines as far as possible. As a result  the ping pong table, which is positioned up hill, is accessible.

  • electrical high-low bed is available (on order)
  • Lowered workspace in kitchen and bathroom
  • Power outlet on terrace to charge battery
  • Higher toilet (47 cm) with wall bar
  • Sliding doors with opening of 100 cm
  •  Mirror with flexible arm
  • Shower with chair and wall bar
  •  Tiled flat floor
  • Shower with 2 heads, one hight adjustable
  • Beds can be piled to create senior hight
  • Inductif cooking plate with frontside controls
  • Not adapted bedroom with 3 sleeps, one elevated
  • Fridge 40cm elevated
  •  Rotation circle areas in living, bathroom and bedroom
  • Magnetron/grill placed on workspace kitchen
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