What’s going on now in the Couchois?

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Every year returning events in Burgundy

Music in our region is combined with the pleasures of life, such as good food and good wines. And no one wants to play the Bob!? 

Jazz at Couches
Second week of july. Package ‘ La Bonne Vie “: taxi transport to all locations. Ask for the conditions.

Classical music
5 Evenings (every other night) at a high level (literally and figuratively). In the Open-Air Theatre at the Mont Rome. This 600-seat theatre offers a special atmosphere. For the lovers an unique opportunity! Starts the last week in July. Package ‘ La Bonne Vie “: tickets, transportation, a snack and a drink. Ask for the conditions..

Le Voyage de Murcie 
In the ancient Roman amphitheatre, July and August 22:00. A great Roman novel show with horses, wagons, and approximately 600 participants.

The middle age week Parc des Combes“, Le Creusot a week in August. Indians, a steam train robbery; Knights and slaves, who stay in tents. A very attractive event to combine with a visit to the city and fine dining in one of the many restaurants. 

Chalon sur la Rue  From 18 to 22 July
over 1000 artists and workers, 350,000 spectators from near and far, in the heart of the city.