La Bonne vie:

The exclusive operator of the domain Niniolle is La Bonne vie SARL. In 2001, registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 437841935 Gest 2001 b 122. The director and his children are the only shareholders. 

Who is at La Bonne Vie ?

yvonne peter la bonne vie

The Manager is Peter Bredie of Dutch origin. Since the purchase of the land in the year 1999 he gave shape to the metamorphosis from meadow to a park with chalets and houses. Recently, now that construction works are completed, he has more time to manage the company.

Yvonne Midavaine joined in the summer of 2012. She participate as hostess to our domain in the daily activities. Of course not as an employee but the girlfriend of Peter. Yvonne has extensive commercial experience and knowledge of marketing and communications. She’s not afraid of dirty hands as well. So gardening and cleaning; She will do anything!




Season workers summer 2014/15:

The young couple Peter and Hannah are contracted for animations and the maintenance of equipment in the Park. Both follow a study and use their holiday to gain experience and make some money. They worked before on several large campings and search the intimity of a smaller activity.


There are no other vacancies.